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EPOC Committees

EPOC relies on the diligent efforts of our committee members to provide information and services to all members. All committee members volunteer their time and we are grateful for their service to our organization. Below are descriptions and list of members for our committees. If you are interested in assisting on a specific committee, please contact the committee chair for further information.

  • EPOC Education Committee

    The EPOC Education Committee ("EDCOM") organizes and implements relevant educational programs to the practicing environmental professional and other EPOC members involved in environmental site investigations and remediation. EDCOM is committed to providing high quality LEP Board-accredited continuing education courses and training sessions for individuals preparing to take the LEP Examination. Working closely with DEP personnel to develop programs more specifically related to working in Connecticut, EDCOM also engages experts in pertinent fields to bring relevant information on state-of the-art practices to EPOC members. For further information, or if you would like to assist the committee in developing future programs, please contact  George Gurney, Chair. Members: Gail Batchelder, John Carroll, Matthew Hackman, Nick Hastings, Adam Henry, Jack Markey, Marlee NajamyWinnick, Gary Robbins, Rob Sernofsky, Philip Warner, Tim Whiting
  • EPOC Board of Examiners Liaison Committee

    Members of the Board of Examiners Liaison Committee attend the monthly Board of Examiners meetings. An outline of the issues discussed or voted on at those meetings is provided to the EPOC Board of Directors, and are posted on EPOC's web site. The Liaison Committee provides comments, correspondence, and other information to the Board of Examiners during the public comment period at the beginning of each meeting. For further information, contact Nelson Walter, Chair, wood. 
  • EPOC Grant/Scholarship Fund Committee

    For further information about the EPOC Grant or Scholarship Funds, contact Kathie Cyr, GZA GeoEnvironmental, Inc.

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