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2017 Scholarship Awards

The EPOC Environmental Scholarship Fund was established in 1998 to assist Connecticut residents, or an immediate family member (spouse or child) of an EPOC Member in good standing, who are attending a college or university (in CT or out of state) and have declared majors pertinent to the environmental field. The scholarships are awarded annually to junior, senior, and graduate level students (full or part-time) enrolled in accepted programs of study leading the student to become a Technical Environmental Professional in the State of Connecticut as defined by the CT DEEP, or a professional in a related service discipline who may render technical assistance to the Technical Environmental Professional. EPOC would like to express its thanks to all the students applying for a scholarship this year. At a recent meeting of the EPOC Scholarship Fund Committee, this year’s scholarship winners were voted on and approved. Congratulations to the following:

Luke Whitehouse

Luke is a resident of Middletown and is a part-time graduate student at the University of New Haven pursuing a M.S. degree in Environmental Science. Luke is currently employed at a CT environmental consulting firm, and in that capacity, has been involved with a variety environmental projects working directly with municipalities, private entrepreneurs and large corporations. A work reference of Luke’s states, “He works well with our staff, from senior project managers to our newest environmental field technicians and helps train new field and scientist staff in their various job functions… I recommend wholeheartedly that EPOC extend a scholarship to Luke Whitehouse for the coming college year.” Luke is most grateful for this award as it will allow him to advance his environmental studies with the goal of becoming a Licensed Environmental Professional in CT.

Scott McWhirter

Scott is a resident of North Granby and is a senior at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, majoring in Environmental Engineering. This term his course work includes Water Chemistry, Sampling and Analysis, and Green Building Design. Scott has been working with a CT environmental consulting firm for the past two summers gaining experience in sampling techniques at various industrial sites and at an in-situ injection remediation project. A former UNH professor writes, “Scott gained proficiency with introductory GIS techniques through his willingness to learn new material and his diligent work ethic.” Scott is looking forward to a great senior year and to seeking work in the environmental field in Connecticut beginning in late 2018.

The EPOC Scholarship Fund is financed through the support of EPOC programs, proceeds from golf tournaments, and direct contributions from individuals and companies. EPOC is a non-profit organization, and as such, contributions to the Scholarship Fund are tax deductible for most firms. Unlike many other organizations, 100% of your contributions go in the EPOC Scholarship Fund. A committee of volunteers who support its goals and ideals manages the fund. Anyone needing additional information about the Scholarship Fund or EPOC, please contact Seth Molofsky or visit our website page at: www.epoc.org/scholarship

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