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2018 Scholarship Awards

The EPOC Environmental Scholarship Fund was established in 1998 to assist qualified applicants who are attending a college or university (in CT or out of state) and have declared majors pertinent to the environmental field.  The scholarships are awarded annually to junior, senior, and graduate level students (full or part-time) enrolled in accepted programs of study leading the student to become a Technical Environmental Professional in the State of Connecticut as defined by the CT DEEP, or a professional in a related service discipline who may render technical assistance to the Technical Environmental Professional. EPOC would like to express its thanks to all the students applying for a scholarship this year. At a recent meeting of the EPOC Scholarship Fund Committee, this year’s scholarship winners were voted on and approved. Congratulations to the following:

Isabelle Kisluk

Isabelle is a resident of Middletown and is a senior at Central CT State University (CCSU) majoring in Geology and Biology. She is currently serving as secretary for Sigma Gamma Epsilon, the National Honor Society for Earth Sciences. One of Isabelle’s professors writes, “I believe Isabelle to be very worthy of an EPOC Environmental Scholarship because of her excellent academic record, proven ability to conduct all aspects of a research project, desire to work in the environmental field, and superb potential to excel as an Environmental Professional.” In her essay, Isabelle stated, “Developing a career in the environmental industry will aid me in my goal of protecting, restoring, and sustaining the environment, while also affording me the opportunity to continue learning throughout my life. An ideal working environment for me is one which is dynamic, fast-paced, which encourages me to meet challenges head on and find the most effective solutions available.”

Mark Higgins

Mark is a resident of Glastonbury and is a full-time graduate student at the University of CT (UConn) in Storrs, pursing a Ph.D. in Geosciences, focusing in Hydrogeology. Mark teaches lab sessions for geology and hydrology classes at UConn and has assisted as an instructor with a recent EPOC class on Low Flow Sampling and Hydraulic Conductivity Analysis. Dr. Gary Robbins, Mark’s graduate advisor writes, “It is clear that his fielding, communication, and management skills are exceptional, and I am thrilled to have him as my advisee where he has already made outstanding contributions to our team research efforts.”. In his essay, Mark states, “By pursuing a Ph.D., I intend to become an individual who is well researched in the most up to date remediation methods while also maintaining my hands-on knowledge and field experience.”

Isabelle Rein

Isabelle is a resident of Winsted and is a junior at Lafayette College in Easton, PA and is pursuing a dual major in Geology and Environmental Studies. She is active with the Geology Club, Alpha Phi Omega (national service fraternity), and The Hunger Coalition at her school. One of Isabelle’s professors writes, “She is intellectually curious, intellectually capable, responsible, completely trustworthy, friendly, and a solid citizen.”. In her essay, Isabelle states, “In the environmental profession, I would be most interested in characterizing contamination sites and applying my geologic knowledge to how the contaminant has/will travel through the subsurface. I am also exploring fields within the government sector having to do with environmental policy and environmental consulting.”

Stephanie Wood

Stephanie is a resident of Worcester, MA and has been an Associate Member of EPOC for many years. She is pursuing a master’s in Environmental Management from Duke University – Nicholas School of the Environment, in Durham, NC. Stefanie is currently employed as an environmental consultant overseeing petroleum remediation projects throughout MA, CT, RI, and NY. Stephanie is seeking her graduate degree “to better develop remediation strategies, liaison with regulators, direct contractors, and investigate developing remediation technologies.” A work associate of Stephanie’s submitted, “I have worked with Ms. Wood for the past 18 years on numerous scheduled and emergency environmental projects throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. The common themes that Ms. Wood has exhibited on each of the projects that we have worked together on, has always been "integrity" and "dedication to the environment.” In her essay, Stephanie states, “I believe it essential that both individuals and industry find a way to marry technological advancement and resource husbandry.  Only naivety would allow us to believe differently.  There has to be individuals to guide others and find solutions to seemingly impossible challenges.”

Michael Narowski

Michael is a resident of Higganum and is a senior at the University of New Haven (UNH), majoring in Environmental Science. He has been working over the summers as an intern with Yale University in their Environmental Affairs section.  One of Michael’s professors writes, “His quantitative skills are very good, and he has enrolled in several civil engineering courses as part of his program. The background that he is getting himself in engineering will equip him to work with engineers.”. In his essay, Michael states, “The more classes I take in the field, and the more I work in the field I realize that this is the right field for me. I expect that a career in the environmental field will allow me to keep doing what I love and bring challenges that will help me grow and be successful.”

Marlee NajammyWinnick

Marlee is a resident of Weston and is a part-time graduate student at the University of New Haven (UNH) pursuing a degree in Environmental Science. Marlee has been an active member of EPOC as a leader in organizing programs for the Young Environmental Professionals (YEP) group. She is employed with a CT environmental consulting firm as an environmental scientist. One of Marlee’s graduate professors writes, “I am confident that Marlee will become a leader in the environmental field and make strong contributions to the tasks that face us as environmental assessors, practitioners and managers.” In Marlee’s essay she states, “going to graduate school is advancing my technical knowledge giving me a better foundation, increasing my writing and data analysis capabilities, teaching me how to be incorporate ecology into my current skillset, and helping my career in the long-term. I believe it is important for me to have a more technical understanding of the environment in order to better help it.”

Shannon Spezzano

Shannon is a resident of Wallingford and is a part-time graduate student at the University of New Haven (UNH) pursuing a degree in Environmental Science. Shannon has been an active member of EPOC as a member of the study group committee for the Young Environmental Professionals (YEP) group. She is employed with a CT environmental consulting firm as an environmental scientist. One of Shannon’s graduate professors writes, “Shannon is methodical, thorough, and unafraid to ask questions. These are crucial traits for someone doing environmental work.” In Shannon’s essay she states, “This scholarship is important to me so I can continue to study what I love and integrate it into my career. The knowledge I have learned in my master’s program is directly relatable to a career as an environmental scientist, and I continue to notice this the more classes I take.”

The EPOC Scholarship Fund is financed through the support of EPOC programs, proceeds from golf tournaments, and direct contributions from individuals and companies. EPOC is a non-profit organization, and as such, contributions to the Scholarship Fund are tax deductible for most firms. Unlike many other organizations, 100% of your contributions go in the EPOC Scholarship Fund. A committee of volunteers who support its goals and ideals manages the fund. Anyone needing additional information about the Scholarship Fund or EPOC, please contact Seth Molofsky or visit our website page at: www.epoc.org/scholarship

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