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EPOC Environmental Grant Awards for 2022

The Environmental Professionals Organization of Connecticut (EPOC) is pleased to announce our environmental grant awards for 2022 as follows (total amount of all awards is $9,077):

  • Darien Nature Center

    The Darien Nature Center is a thriving community center, home to robust environmental educational programs, a diverse collection of live animals, and seasonal exhibits, films, and lectures. The Darien Nature Center inspires respect and passion for the natural world by providing nature education and first-hand experiences to our community. EPOC's grant will support a new initiative, with local high school students, to fund equipment to test the health of an onsite pond using methods like Secchi disc, dissolved oxygen, PH and other recommended testing.  Students will gain both a connection to nature and a sense of empowerment as progress occurs to improve pond health as well as a sense of community that comes from collective action.

  • Greenwich Land Trust

    Greenwich Land Trust (GLT) conserves open space, connects our community with the natural world, and inspires the next generation of conservationists. The Land Trust permanently protects and cares for more than 857 acres of woodlands, marshlands, orchards, and meadows throughout Greenwich, CT. EPOC's grant will provide materials in support efforts to clear invasive plant species from a section of riparian buffer along the Converse Brook, and provide planting protective measures. The long-term goal of this project is to have a healthy riparian habitat restored to the extent that it can maintain itself and function as it should.

  • Green Earth Club @ Ellington High School

    The Green Earth Committee at Ellington High School aims to reduce the school's carbon footprint and make it a greener place. It was created during the 2020-21 school year. EPOC's grant will cover costs associated with the high school’s organic waste recycling program. In the cafeteria, bins will be set up where students can throw away their organic waste. An external transporting service will transport these bins to a composting and biogas facility in CT on a weekly basis.

  • Southington Land Conservation Trust, Inc.

    The Southington Land Conservation Trust is dedicated to the conservation of natural scenic vistas, farmlands, wetlands and forest lands for the benefit of the Southington Community. Their core values are Community, Sustainability, Partnership, Legacy and Integrity. EPOC's grant will support the restoration of a four-acre parcel by removing invasive vegetation to develop a pollinator meadow. Our grant will fund equipment rental and nursey stock for replanting with a goal to use for educational programs and site walks.

  • SoundWaters, Inc.

    SoundWaters mission is to protect Long Island Sound through education and action. Their goal is a sustainable environment where people have a passion for Long Island Sound, students succeed, and our community thrives. EPOC's grant will partially support the Marine Debris Kayak (MDK) Program. The MDK program is a unique opportunity to mobilize low-income residents, through environmental education, outdoor adventure and hands-on community activity with an opportunity that usually is available only to wealthier families. MDK will work with local organizations to welcome hundreds of members of their community to enjoy the benefits of Long Island Sound and environmental protection for the first time; and will remove substantial amounts of floating trash from Stamford Harbor over a four-month period.


The EPOC Grant Program provides non-profit and not-for-profit environmental advocacy groups, community-based groups and environmental education organizations, funding for local projects that benefit the environment on an annual basis. For further information, see our Grant Program page on our website at epoc.org/grants.

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